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Hassle Free Parties with our Drop-Off Packages



Hosting a party is already a lot of work, but adding a meal onto that can make it downright exhausting. From planning to shopping to cooking and of course cleaning, you’re lucky to find the time during the party to enjoy and spend time with your guests. Let us make it easy for you to enjoy your own party. Our mouthwatering barbecue is as authentic as it gets and will keep your guests talking about your hosting skills all year long.


Save Yourself the Time and Stress

Give the people what they want - authentic barbecue and classic southern sides! We have fantastic "Tailgate" packages for occasions of all shapes and sizes. Pick any meats and sides from our standard menu and we’ll drop everything off hot, sliced and ready to serve. Everything will be packaged in disposable tin containers and will stay warm and juicy until you’re ready to eat. We offer disposable plates, cutlery and napkins to help keep the clean up as easy as possible for you. We’re barbecue through and through, it’s all we do!


Download Barbecue Packages
*minimum 20 people per order